• Staff Augmentation and so Much More


    We maintain absolutely transparency in:

    • Hiring process (Screening and selection)
    • Development and reporting
    • Communication between clients and developers
    Administrative Onus

    Our customer success managers take care of the administrative hassles like:

    • Payroll operations
    • Team setup
    • Resources’ grievances
    Agile Talent Pool

    We have a huge pool of dedicated, agile resources including:

    • 150+ full stack developers
    • 50+ Designers
    • 30+ Quality analysts
    Consistent Growth of Resources

    We make sure that 3 to 4 workshops are conducted every quarter to:

    • Keep our dedicated resources ahead of the curve
    • Make our resources learn about scalability and usability
    • Diffuse knowledge of senior resources among the entire pool
    Delivery Management

    We ensure top-notch quality of our delivery by:

    • Constantly tracking our resources’ productivity metrics
    • Measuring our resources’ KPIs
    • Frequently gathering reviews from customer

    We give consultation to our clients on:

    • Scaling of the Product Scaling
    • Usability of the product
    • Capacity management

    Our Quick 3-step Process Is Tailor Made for Immediate Hirings

    With us there is no need to go through a plethora of questions. We rely on our experience, perception and awareness to quickly gauge your project scope and requirements.

    Domains in Which We Are Tremendously Successful

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